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Is it about time to invest in a condo? If you live in Singapore you might want to start looking for a unit in the condominium of your choice. This is because you have more individual ownership of the space compared to renting other places.

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Condominiums are one of the most common housing types you can find in Singapore. But what you need to know is that condos differ from each other. You can find a variety of options that would fit your needs. Many condos have their own requirements and regulations to follow.

What Condo Should You Choose?

There are a lot of condos such as mori at guillemard that you can choose from. These condos can vary from mid-tier to luxury condominiums. The condos you pick should depend on your budget and also the lifestyle that you wish to live in.

  • Luxury condos offer homeowners the best quality housing
  • Mid tier condominiums are near cities and are popular with professionals
  • Mass-market condominiums are usually in suburban areas with good communal facilities

Under the mass market condominium you can also find another sub-set of condominium types. The Executive Condominiums or EC is a combination of public and private housing by the government. This is popular with young professionals because of its affordability.

Settling Down in Condominiums

The type of condominium that you choose need to be something that you’re comfortable in living on. Always make sure that you can afford the fees and that it gives you good access to your needs. Do some research and always check the area before hand.

The categories of condos can help you decide on which tier of condo you would fit yourself in. Prepare your budget and check the rules and regulations on the condos of your choice. Avoid condos or projects that do not suit your needs in any way. Save your money, time and effort, on the right condo to invest in.

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